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Supplies needed

Liquid AntiBacterial soap
Loition and or Ointment

Must be fragrance free, liquid and dye free! Basic is key

(EX. Dial Gold, Dr. Bronners Unscented)

Must Be Fragrance & Dye Free

(Ex. Lubriderm, Aveeno, Jergens, Basic lotions or Aquaphor*)

*Be aware of using too much ointment, as using too much can suffocate the tattoo and not allow it to fully breathe and increase chances of infection.

How to wash your tattoo

1. Wash your hand. (Never touch a fresh tattoo with dirty hands.)


2. After you've peeled your wrap off, slowly rinse off any dried up blood/fluid


3. Squirt some of that antibacterial soap onto your hand and lightly rub it onto your tattoo and rinse.


4. Pat dry with a paper towel. (Do not use a cloth towel to dry your tattoo they hold bacteria that could infect your new tattoo.)

5. Let the tattoo air dry for 30 minutes.


6. Follow with a THIN layer of lotion or ointment.


7. Rub it in really well, fresh tattoos can bubble up due to being too wet and not drying out properly. (Too much lotion will make it hard to breath.)


8. Repeat morning and night until that tattoo is healed (After it gets through the flaky stage.)



  • Wear the waterproof clear wrap for 48 hours. If it peels take it off immediately and follow washing instructions above

  • Wash your new tattoo if you get it dirty or sweaty while it is healing. It's like it's a wound with ink

  • Let your tattoo airdry in between lotionings


  • Protect your tattoo once its healed from the sun with sunscreen. Nothing ages a tattoo faster than sun!


  • Stay hydrated to keep your tattoos happy and moisturized


  • Lotion your tattoos daily to keep them from fading

  • No swimming for 2 weeks.

    • hot tubs, pools, rivers, lakes, oceans

  • No heavy workouts with sweating for 2 weeks​


  • No sun on the tattoo for the first 2 weeks.


  • Do not pick the scabs during the the dry picky stage you will pick off ink.


  • Don't touch the tattoo with dirty hands or items.


  • No long showers (15 min or less) until its fully healed to not make the skin prune and reopen at the tattoo making it more susceptible to infection or fall out.

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